With the publication of the new biomethane decree in the Official Gazette, the implementation of the measures planned in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP) to support the sector has officially begun. 

“The decree is a key measure to boost investment in the biogas and biomethane sector, especially in light of the continuing energy and raw material supply crisis. Agriculture can make a significant contribution to increasing the renewable share in the national energy mix, in favour of various production chains.” says Piero Gattoni, president of the CIB.

The biomethane decree, which, through a new incentive mechanism, opens up the possibility of also allocating biomethane to uses other than transport, will now have to be regulated in detail through a further decree by the Ministry for the Environment and Energy Security, based on a proposal by the GSE. 

“It is necessary for the subsequent decree of application rules to provide for plant management methods that minimise the effects of the increase in raw material costs, that support the possibility of developing the biomethane market in end uses and in the transport sector, and that allow investments to be made respecting the strict timeframes imposed by the NRRP, also in light of the current difficulties in finding materials and components.”, Gattoni concludes.