Gas for Climate: Action Plan 2030 - How gas can help to achieve the Paris Agreement target in an affordable way

“We are committed to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions in the EU by 2050 to meet the Paris Agreement target. Renewable gas used in existing gas infrastructure can play an important role in this.” The CEOs of Gas for Climate members.

ECOFYS STUDY - Gas for Climate: How gas can help to achieve the Paris Agreement target in an affordable way

The report outlines the way to a zero-emission energy system in Europe by 2050, where biomethane will play an important role and help to savings of 140 billion € a year for the European Union

The development of biomethane:
a sustainable choice for the economy and the environment

Notes for the elaboration of a road map for the development of biogas done right and biogas refinery technologies in Italy.

Considerations on the italian agricultural Biogasdoneright potential

Estimation methodology and data analysis regarding the Italian Biogas Consortium position paper.

Ecofys: Assessing the benefits of sequential cropping (2016)

Evaluation of the agronomic model of Biogasfattobene from the point of view of the double use of crops for the production of low-risk ILUC biomethane, overcoming the diatribe of the production of feed VS. The study also analyzes the practices already implemented by Italian farms with scientific data.

Biomethane development and the decarbonization strategy in Italy

The Position Paper signed by the Italian Biogas Consortium together with Snam and Confagricoltura, outlining the guidelines for the development of biomethane production and distribution at national level in view of a broader strategy for decarbonisation in Italy.

Biogasdoneright – Anaerobic digestion and soil carbon sequestration.

The Italian Biogas Consortium manifesto, defining a model of a circular and virtuous farm economy called Biogasdoneright®, developed in the field by CIB farmers, combining anaerobic digestion technology with agronomic practices with the goal of lowering GHG emissions of agri-food production.

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