The CIB at Futura Expo Brescia for the kick-off of Green Metals

CIB – Consorzio Italiano Biogas is one of the promoters of Green Metals Brescia, the initiative launched today from the stage of the Futura Expo event in Brescia with some of the leading exponents of the Brescia area’s economy.

Green Metals is the ambitious project whose main objective is the decarbonisation of Brescia’s sidermetallurgical industry through the use of green fuels produced directly in the area.  

“Our farms are ready to embrace the decarbonisation challenge launched by the Brescia industry. The Memorandum certifies the importance of tightening synergies between production chains for the achievement of the challenging goals that our country has set in the NRRP for the ecological transition and that are even more urgent given the international events of this recent period,” said Piero Gattoni, President of the CIB. “This is why we are asking for the application procedures of the new biomethane decree to be accelerated in order to promote greater impulse to the production of renewable gas for energy-intensive industries and to make our supply chain more resilient.”, Gattoni concluded.

Green Metals includes the identification and conversion of existing plants to biomethane, as well as the construction of new plants for the production of agricultural biomethane, which will serve the thirteen Brescia sidermetallurgical companies. The project will make it possible to meet the decarbonisation objectives of the Brescia industrial cluster and reduce emissions, thus making a decisive contribution to increasing national production. According to CIB, by 2026, our country could reach the target of more than 4 bcm of biomethane.

Angelo Baronchelli, CIB Vice President, was also present: “The close relationship between the agricultural sector and industry will allow us to move more quickly towards the goals of energy transition and environmental sustainability. The agreement we are signing today with some of Brescia’s most important sidermetallurgical companies marks the start of a dialogue with the local production network that will allow us to support local businesses, promote new investments and reduce industry costs, as well as contribute to the economic revival of the sector, which is already exposed to energy price increases.”

Today’s presentation was also attended by Ettore Prandini, President Coldiretti; Franco Gussalli Beretta, President Confindustria Brescia; Marco Moretti, Managing Director & Partner BCG; and Antonio Gozzi, President Duferco – Italian holding. 

Green Metals will allow the Brescia district to accelerate towards the energy transition, representing a concrete response to the continuous daily increases in energy prices.