CIB: “The approval of the amendment valorising all agro-industrial by-products is an important response to the energy crisis”

Satisfaction of the CIB – Consorzio Italiano Biogas after the approval by the Environment and Productive Activities Commissions of the Chamber of Deputies of the amendment to the Energy Decree that promotes the valorisation of agro-industrial by-products by widening the range of biomasses that can be used, thus favouring the development of agricultural biogas and biomethane according to the specificities of the territories.

“The inconsistency between the by-products allowed to enter biogas and biomethane plants and those envisaged for the agronomic use of digestate as a by-product of anaerobic digestion has finally been overcome. This clarification, which complies with the CIB’s request, will allow for the production of greater shares of renewable energy and greater quantities of digestate, contributing to the agro-ecological and energy transition,” – declares Piero Gattoni, CIB President – “This result demonstrates the attention of Parliament and the Government towards the agricultural biogas sector, recognising its strategic role in the decarbonisation of the energy mix. Special thanks to the rapporteurs and parliamentary groups who were able to effectively translate our request into concrete action.” – continued Gattoni “Accelerating and investing in biogas production is the way forward to ensure energy and food security for our country, without going back on the climate targets set. We now hope for a quick final approval of the decree law.”